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Sayrona Webb

Make-up Artist

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of Fashion and Beauty

My name is Sayrona Webb and I am a professional Make-Up Artist. My job is to work with the best make-up products and tools to meet your wishes on every make-up look or needs. My expertise is cosmetics, skincare and make-up for various occasions such as weddings, events, parties, films, fashion shows and photo shoots. With my make-up products and experience I can create the perfect look for you and make you the star of the day.

To give you the best appearance, I combine my own experience with the best make-up products. For example, I like to use make-up brands such as NARS, FENTY, DANESSA MYRICKS, MAC and NYX cosmetics to create that professional and flawless make-up look. To become a makeup artist I successfully completed my education with an international diploma.

Your skin type is the starting point. First, we look at which facial skincare and make-up products suits your type of skin best. I have the right make-up for young fair skin as well as for the matured, sensitive or dark skin tones. That makes a big difference to the result.

It’s also important to know for what occasion the make-up is for. Every make-up application such as bridal make-up,
party / night make-up and show make-up for a photo shoot or TV recording is different. As an experienced Make-Up Artist I provide the right make-up. Success guaranteed.

Make-up Artists have been in the spotlight in recent years. Influencer Nikkie de Jager and Cosmetics Queen Kylie Jenner show a wide audience what can be done with cosmetics and make-up. Do you like to not only be assisted by a professional make-up artist, but would you also like to get started at home? Then you can also register for my make-up workshops. After my workshop you will know exactly which products suits you and especially whether you like it.

I enjoy my profession as a make-up artist every day. One of the reasons is that not a single day is the same. I get to meet so many different people with different needs. The satisfaction of the end result by my happy clients makes my work so rewarding.

As a Make-up Artist I mainly work in the region of Zandvoort, Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Emmeloord, Bloemendaal, Almere, Lelystad, Harderwijk, Zwolle, Utrecht, Het-Gooi, Hilversum, The Hague and Rotterdam, but for beautiful assignments I regularly travel a bit further.

Hiring me as a Make-up artist is very easy. Please feel free to contact me. I am happy to assist you!